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Meito Li.Pro

Meito Li.Pro

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Protect your liver against the stresses of life with Meito Li.Pro.

It’s formulated with a unique blend of liver-boosting ingredients including CureZyme-Ace™ (Soy Extract), Hovenia Dulcis extract (Japanese Raisin Tree), Artichoke extract and Kudzu Root and Kudzu Flower to protect your liver and support its overall health, naturally.

Meito Li.Pro Benefits​

  1. Protects liver cells from damage caused by toxins and alcohol.
  2. Balances blood lipid levels to reduce liver fat accumulation.
  3. Reduces liver inflammation and damage.
  4. Aids in toxin metabolism and elimination.
  5. Supports overall liver function.

Directions for Use​

Consume directly, 1 - 2 sachets daily.


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  • HALAL Certified
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Are Meitonics products Halal certified?

Yes, please find our Halal certification here.

When is the best time to take supplements?

The optimal timing for taking supplements can vary based on the specific product and its ingredients. Some are best taken with meals, while others are more effective on an empty stomach. Check the product label for recommended usage instructions or consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

Can I take my supplements together with other medications?

It is not advisable to take both medications and supplements together. A good practice is to maintain a time interval of approximately 1-2 hours between your medication and supplements to avoid any potential interactions.

Can I consume multiple Meitonics products together?

Yes, our products are safe to be consumed together on a daily basis. But do take note of the consumption directions — whether to take it before, during, or after meals.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women take any Meitonics products?

Not all products are suitable or recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. You may consult your doctor before consuming any products.

How can I obtain more information or advice about Meitonics products?

For any enquiries, you may email We are more than happy to help.

What is the expiration date for products sold on Meitonics website?

All Meitonics products have a shelf life of 2 years from the manufacturing date.